Volunteers are the heart of any organization.  EQUIPP is looking for individuals who are interested in giving back to their community by impacting females in fulfilling their personal and professional goals.

We are looking for individuals to volunteer in the following program areas:


  • Job Readiness (i.e., computer literacy, job search, interviewing skills, etc…)

  • Financial Management (saving, debt management, retirement, etc…)

  • Professional Conduct (time management, organization skills, conflict resolutions, etc…) 

  • Fitness/Nutrition (diet plan, exercise plan, meal preparation, etc…)

  • Women Health Issues (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, etc…)

  • Mental Health (depression, stress, suicide, etc…)

  • Spiritual Guidance (biblical studies, prayer, etc….)

MENTORSHIP (professional providing academic and career guidance)

  • Arts and Science (musicians, theatre, political science, math/english teachers, etc..)

  • Business and Education (accounting, business administration, marketing, teachers, psychology)

  • Health and Human Services (doctors, nurses, occupational/physical therapist,…etc)

  • If you are interested any volunteering your service please contact us at equipped2rain@yahoo.com or 773-407-5994